Understanding Thailand's Land Measurement System: Rai, Ngan, and Wah Explained

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When looking to invest in real estate in Pattaya or other parts of Thailand, it's essential to understand the country's unique land measurement system. We will explain the units of measurement, their divisible relationship to each other, and how they compare to other international systems so you can get a sense of perspective and the size of each unit.

Thailand's Land Measurement System


The rai is the largest unit of land measurement in Thailand. It is commonly used for larger land areas, such as agricultural land, houses, and villas. One rai is equivalent to 1,600 square meters or approximately 0.40 acres.


The ngan is a smaller unit of measurement, commonly used for medium-sized land plots. One ngan is equivalent to 400 square meters or 0.10 acres. There are four ngan in one rai.


The wah is the smallest unit of land measurement in Thailand. It’s used for measuring small land areas or accurately describing smaller areas within a larger plot of land. One wah is equivalent to 4 square meters or 0.001 acres. There are 100 wah in one Ngan and 400 wahs in one rai.

Converting Thai Land Measurements to International Units

To better understand the size of a property in Thailand, it may be helpful to convert the local measurements to more familiar units like square meters, square feet, or acres. Here are some conversion factors to help you:

  • 1 rai = 1,600 square meters
  • 1 rai = 17,222 square feet
  • 1 ngan = 400 square meters
  • 1 ngan = 4,305 square feet
  • 1 wah = 4 square meters
  • 1 wah = 43 square feet

Using Thai Land Measurements in Property Listings

When browsing Pattaya property listings, you'll find land measurements in rai, ngan, or wah. It's essential to be familiar with these units to accurately assess the property size for a more familiar perspective and compare it to other properties in the market. For example, if a condo development is listed as having a land size of 2 rai, 1 ngan, and 50 wah, you can convert this to square meters using the conversion factors mentioned above:

  • 2 rai = 3,200 square meters
  • 1 ngan = 400 square meters
  • 50 wah = 200 square meters

Added together, the total land size is 3,800 square meters.

Practical Applications of Thai Land Measurements

Land being surveyed using Thai land measurements.

Understanding Thailand's land measurement system is crucial when dealing with real estate transactions in the country. Here are some practical applications of this knowledge:

Property Valuation

When determining the value of a property in Thailand, understanding the land measurement system is essential. Land size is a significant factor in a property's value, and it can also impact property taxes.

Comparing Properties

When comparing different properties for sale, it's important to understand the land size to make an informed decision. Knowing the land size in rai, ngan, or wah will help you assess if a property is suitable for your needs or if it is appropriately priced for its location or the overall property market in the region.

Property Development

If you're considering investing in a condo or home development, understanding the land measurement system will help you assess the development's scale and potential. This knowledge is essential when evaluating the potential return on investment (ROI) and deciding whether to invest in a specific project.

Familiarize Yourself with Thailand’s Land Measurements

Understanding Thailand's unique land measurement system is essential for anyone interested in the country's real estate market. By familiarizing yourself with rai, ngan, and wah, you'll be better equipped to navigate property listings, assess property values, and make informed decisions when investing in or selling Thai properties.

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What are the measurements in Thailand?

The primary units of land measurement in Thailand are the rai, ngan, and wah. Rai is the largest unit, used for larger land areas like agricultural lands and houses. Ngan is a smaller unit, used for medium-sized land plots. Wah is the smallest unit used to measure small land areas like townhouses. There are 100 wah in one ngan, and four ngan in one Rai.
  • 1 rai = 1,600 square meters
  • 1 ngan = 400 square meters
  • 1 wah = 4 square meters

How Does an Acre Compare to Land Measurements in Thailand?

An acre is an international unit of land measurement that is not commonly used in Thailand. However, it can be helpful to know the conversion factors between acres and Thai land measurements. One acre is equivalent to approximately:
  • 2.5 rai
  • 10 ngan
  • 400 wah

How does a Hectare Compare to Land Measurements in Thailand?

The hectare is commonly used in Australia, the US, the UK, Myanmar, Canada, the EU and India. One hectare is equivalent to 10,000 sqm, or:

  • 6.25 rai (10,000 sqm)
  • 25 ngan
  • 2,500 wah

Explore the Units of Land Measurement in Thailand

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