Invest in a Pattaya Home or Condo

invest in a pattaya home or condo

With the slower-than-predicted recovery of Pattaya after the pandemic, and the economic uncertainty of Thailand’s tourism, property, and job markets, it’s a good time to invest in a property, home, or condo in Pattaya.  

Pattaya is the ideal location for a second home or a rental property for Bangkok residents. The drive takes under two hours. This means you can leave work in Bangkok on Friday afternoon and enjoy dinner in your second home in Pattaya, watching the sunset over the Gulf of Thailand. The trip will be even faster once the Eastern Economic Corridor’s rail system opens in a few years. This high-speed rail system will link Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport with Chonburi’s U-Tapao Airport and provide comfortable rail travel between Bangkok and Chonburi. 

Now is the Time to Invest

If you’re interested in investing in a home or condo, now is the time to find an experienced property agent in Pattaya and start looking at the available properties. Covid has caused a slowdown in Pattaya’s once-booming real estate development market. With many buyers canceling or defaulting on their purchases, there are plenty of opportunities for eager home buyers. 

With many of Pattaya’s condos finished and ready for occupancy, the real estate developers of the area are eager to make a deal for their properties. Condos, luxury villas, and detached multi-bedroom homes are some of the properties on offer. But finding the best deals on the right homes for you can take months without the guidance of an experienced property agent who knows what’s being offered when you’re ready to buy. 

Pattaya is not just one area. The region is made up of several different areas, each with its own unique charms and lifestyles. Knowing what types of property are available in each area and the prices you should expect to pay is the job of the experienced property agent.  

Find the Best Area for Your Lifestyle

An experienced local property agent can steer you to the right area for your budget and lifestyle. Northern Pattaya is a chic area with many upscale shops, restaurants, and coffee shops. The beach area of Northern Pattaya also has some of the most spacious and luxurious condos and homes in the region. 

the beach area of northern pattaya

The Pratumnak Hill area also is known for the upscale lifestyle it offers. Home buyers interested in purchasing a home with a commanding view of the ocean are drawn to this section of Pattaya. Both of these areas are close to the central business district of Pattaya, so they’re also a convenient place to live. 

Jomtien offers a more laid-back beach lifestyle with its kilometers of sunny beaches. It’s quieter, but there are plenty of great restaurants, bars, and clubs along Beach Road for social people who love to get out and meet new friends. This is also a great area for cycling or jogging with less car traffic. 

There are still condos being built along the beach and plenty of villas and detached homes further away from the beach in Jomtien. The recent addition of the tunnel under Sukhumvit Road also means that Jomtien is now almost as quick and convenient to reach from Bangkok to Pattaya.

Lovers of large yards and private swimming pools who are nevertheless on a budget are invited to look for properties in Eastern Pattaya. This is where a lot of homes on large lots are located. This is also where a lot of gated developments that feature a secure environment to raise a family are located. Eastern Pattaya is also home to some of the area’s finest golf courses and is the logical area for golf lovers from Bangkok to buy their weekend home. 

Trust Local Experience

The first order of business when you decide to invest in a home or rental property in Pattaya is to connect with a local experienced, and knowledgeable property agent. Even with the economic slowdown, the Pattaya property market is changing every day as properties are bought, and new properties appear on the market. A local property agent has their finger on the pulse of the market and their ear to the ground for exciting new condos, luxury villas, and spacious detached homes. 

The local agent knows what you should expect to pay for different types of property and where you can find them. They also are often aware of properties coming on the market before they’re officially listed, so you can have the best chance of snatching up a gem of a property before anyone else even knows it’s available. 

Find Your Perfect Home with Pearl Property Pattaya

Pearl Property Pattaya has over eight years of experience working in the Pattaya property market. We offer real estate services and investments, property management, rental services, moving services, and real estate legal services. 

Our team is active in the local market, so we know the current best deals in the marketplace. Call or visit us and describe the ideal property you’re looking for, and give us an idea of your budget. We’ll be happy to work with you and show you the properties that fit your dreams. When you decide on a property, we can help arrange the sale, so every detail is covered. 

Take advantage of the current market by investing in a home or rental property in Pattaya. It can start with an email, phone call, or visit to Pearl Property Pattaya.

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