Three Reason you should invest in Pattaya:

Pattaya and the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) will be developed in the with 168 infrastructure projects from 2018 – 2022 and beyond. The EEC development will be separated into three phases.

Phase 1: Urgent Projects:
– High Speed Train, linking three main airports – APPROVED
– Third Passenger Terminal at U-Tapao – APPROVED
– Laem Chabang Port – APPROVED
– Map Ta Phut port – APPROVED
– Pattaya Hua-Hin Ferry – COMPLETED
– Laem Chabang Deep Sea Port Phase 3
– Map Ta Phut Deep Sea Port Phase 3
– Ferry Terminal, Chuk Samet Commercial Pier
– Improvements of secondary Road Network

This Projects are expected to be completed in a short-term. The total worth of these projects is estimated to be 292.88 Billion THB (9.2 Billion USD)

The second phase of projects expected to start in 2019-21.

Phase 2: Intermediate Projects:
– Construction of double-track rail network (Laem Chabang – Map Ta Phut – Rayong – Chantaburi – That)
– Construction of U-Tapao second runway
– Air Cargo at U-Tapao Phase 1
– Free Trade Zone at U-Tapao
– Motorway (Laem Chabang – Prachin Buri)
– Improve secondary road network
– Expand bypass network

The total worth of the intermediate projects is estimated to be 414.36 Billion THB (13 Billion USD)
And the last investment phase of the EEC will be the long-term projects, started 2022 and onwards.

Phase 3: Long-Term Projects:
– Rail Network linking EEC-Dawei-Cambodia
– Inlands Contained Depot at Chachoengsao
– Air Cargo at U-Tapao Phase 2
– Motorway (Chonburi – Klaeng in Rayong)
– Expand road network in adjacent cities

The worth of the long-term projects is estimated of 252.88 Billion THB (7.9 Billion USD).

The total investment in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) in the form of 168 projects is expected to be 988.95 Billion THB (31 Billion USD). 59% of the investment will be financed through public-private partnerships, 30% by state-budget, 10% by state enterprises and 1% by the Royal Thai Army.