The Advantages of Working with an Estate Agent in Pattaya

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Pattaya is one of the fastest-growing areas in Thailand so it’s worth working with an experienced real estate agent to stay up to date with this constantly evolving city.  Pattaya is attracting more and more residents because of its superior and still improving infrastructure, the beautiful beaches, and the many entertainment and leisure options, plus its close proximity to Bangkok. The city is reaping the benefits of the recently opened international U-Tapao Airport which has made it faster and more convenient to reach the city by air than making the 2-hour trip to Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport. The eastern seaboard is also the target location of a planned high-speed rail project that will connect Bangkok with Pattaya and the towns along the coast.  

Improvements in the City

The city of Pattaya has taken note of the government infrastructure projects in the area to help boost tourism revenues, and they’ve leaped into action. They've upgraded the city’s beachfronts and installed wide and pleasant walkways shaded by swaying palms. They also offer convenient parking and amenities for visitors along the beach roads.  There’ve also been improvements to the traffic that used to greet visitors from Bangkok when they arrived at Sukhumvit Road, one of the main arteries into town. Southern Pattaya now has a tunnel leading to the highway that serves as a shortcut past Sukhumvit, making the journey quick and convenient. With the addition of the high-speed rail project in the near future, Pattaya is poised to become a highly-desirable beautiful ocean-side residential location. 

Pattaya’s Entertainment and Leisure Attractions

Pattaya has always been focused on providing a wide variety of entertainment, nightlife and natural outdoor activities. Though the recent pandemic forced many of the entertainment and leisure facilities in the area to close down temporarily, the city is roaring back to life to offer one of the best resort lifestyle experiences in Thailand.  Pattaya is once again offering a variety of championship golf courses around the city to challenge even the most experienced golfers in the family. Beach and ocean lovers will not be able to get enough of the scuba-diving, windsurfing, sailing, paragliding and jet-skiing that Pattaya offers along its many kilometers of sun-swept coastline.   The city’s famous Walking Street off Beach Road is blazing with neon signs once again and throbbing with dance music and people strolling along checking out the buskers and street entertainers.  For more family-oriented activities, visit Nong Nooch Gardens, Khao Kheow Open Zoo or Underwater World, the local aquarium and learn about the tropical sea life of the gulf just offshore.   Shopaholics will find their itch easily scratched with the many modern shopping centers and malls in Pattaya, offering everything from bargain deals to upscale fashion brands.  Pattaya also offers modern accredited hospitals and quality international schools for a growing family to establish a comfortable lifestyle by the sea.  To make the most of all the area offers, you need to find the perfect condo, home or villa for your family's needs. Pattaya’s realtors can offer their experience and knowledge to help fulfill your property dreams. Real estate services in Pattaya can deliver the best deal.

Real Estate Agents in Pattaya

While there is still a lot of real estate development happening in Pattaya, some of the most desirable areas of the region have already been developed. Finding the perfect home in these sought-after areas takes perseverance and luck, and even then, you might not find what you're looking for because of your lack of familiarity with the area. One of the best options is to enlist a professional real estate services company in Pattaya to find your ideal home.  Pattaya has a wide variety of spacious detached homes and villas as well as high-rise condos offering breathtaking panoramic views of the coastline and the Gulf of Thailand. Finding the best of these properties can be hit or miss when you’re relying on checking numerous property websites for the latest listings in the area.  Experienced real estate agents in Pattaya will ask you questions that will give them an idea of exactly what you’re looking for. They can then pore over the vast number of listings they have available and pinpoint the ones that are closely matched with your dream home. Often, an experienced real estate agent will point you toward a property you didn’t know about as it’s only recently become available. You’ll be first in line to see the homes and receive a personal tour, and you'll get a much better sense of the property's pluses and minuses by seeing it in person.  An experienced estate agent can also take you on a tour of the entire Pattaya area so that you can get a better idea of the homes available in the different neighborhoods. Pattaya has lots of differently valued areas within the city limits. Your agent can show you the upscale area of Naklua Beach, north of Pattaya Beach. They can point out the best spacious detached homes available in East Pattaya, and they can show you the laid-back beach lifestyle of the condo-owners along the shores of Jomtien. 

Working for You

Our real estate agents will be working for you and not for the property owner, so they can guide you through the regulations, deposits and paperwork required in Thailand, whether you're buying or renting a property. They can explain what each document means for the buyer or renter before you commit your signature.   Their thorough knowledge of Pattaya real estate can also come in handy when negotiating a fair price for a property. They understand the ins and outs of assigning value to Pattaya properties and can point out when you're getting a particularly good deal or when you should simply look at another of the many properties available in the area.

Let Pearl Property Pattaya Be Your Guide

For newcomers to Pattaya looking to buy or rent a property, your first action should be to email or call the real estate agents at Pearl Property Pattaya. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience in everything concerning the Pattaya property market and can introduce you to the perfect properties in the right locations for you and your family. Find the ideal home and establish a great lifestyle by the sea with the help of Pearl Property Pattaya. 

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