Living in Pattaya is About to Get Very Popular

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There is a nearby getaway destination that’s become a favorite with Bangkok’s residents over the years. And with the number of quality seaside houses and villas for sale in Pattaya, Thailand, it’s easy to see why. When new arrivals in Thailand ask if Pattaya is a good place to live, most locals answer, “yes, and it’s about to get even better.” Pattaya is in the Chonburi region, neighboring Bangkok, and some majors are about to make this seaside region even more popular with locals and foreigners alike. The region has drawn more attention since the rumors were first heard of U-Tapao International Airport opening to commercial flights. The new airport is within a 20-minute drive of Pattaya, making the city a getaway destination for anyone living in SEA. The region between Bangkok and Rayong, a small city to the east of U-Tapao Airport, has been named the Eastern Corridor. The Thai government has recognized that this area represents a significant and growing investment opportunity. The Corridor is home to several large industrial estates, which bring jobs and investment to the area. With two airports at either end of the Corridor and countless houses, villas, and condos for sale in and around Pattaya, the area is also well-known as a popular tourist destination.

Future High-Speed Rail

It’s about to get even easier for Bangkok’s residents to reach Pattaya. For years, Pattaya has been about a two-hour drive from Bangkok, and the drive can be up to three or four hours at the start and end of holiday weekends. Traffic is regularly backed up along the highway between Bangkok and Pattaya, even though the tollway has been widened and repaved to serve the ever-increasing flow of traffic. With the focus on the Eastern Corridor as a potential special economic region, there has also been an announcement that was music to the ears of developers, as well as Bangkok residents who want to spend more time by the seaside. The Thai government announced the construction of a high-speed rail project tying the two airports of Bangkok, Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang, with U-Tapao Airport east of Rayong. The rail project promises a swift and easy trip up and down the coast between Bangkok and Pattaya. The project is scheduled to be completed by 2028. This means that properties along the line, particularly Pattaya’s seaside houses, villas and condos, could soon skyrocket in value. Tropical villas for sale in Pattaya

Ideal Opportunity for a Second Home

Before the idea of the high-speed rail, spending the weekend at a second home in Pattaya was nice to dream about but impractical to do week after week. The length of the drive, especially during long weekends, was tedious and tiring. Now, with the idea of the commute being no more than an hour or so, buying real estate in and around Pattaya is becoming a must-do for many ocean-loving city dwellers. Many Bangkok residents are even entertaining the idea of moving to Pattaya full-time and commuting to work daily aboard the high-speed rail line. They are dreaming of the day they can pick up their kids from school, hop on the train, and be in Pattaya in time to watch the sunset over the Gulf of Thailand. For many families that live in a high-rise condo in Bangkok, the many properties for sale in Pattaya with a yard where the kids can play are extremely desirable. Many couples are seeking a beautiful luxury villa by the sea where they can invite their friends and family down for the weekend.

Pearl Property Pattaya Can Help Find Your Second Home

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