A Guide to Finding your Dream Beachfront Condo in Pattaya

beachfront condo in pattaya

Pattaya’s popularity lies in its proximity to the capital, which is about two hours away. So it’s not hard to see why the seaside city is experiencing a quick resurgence from the lull caused by the pandemic over the last two years, especially amongst the expat community. The local municipality is making significant efforts to improve the public infrastructure of the Pattaya area; a clear indication of the level of investment flowing into the local real estate market. 

Part of its charm is the duality of the city’s vibe. On weekends, Pattaya entertains the city slickers from Bangkok, looking for an escape from their urban life. However, on the weekdays, Pattaya is mostly a sleepy seaside town perfect for the foreign retiree. 

Beachfront properties here are relatively affordable compared to many other places worldwide, and depending on the condo you choose, you can have an unobstructed breathtaking sea view from most condos within the city. Something that only the most well-heeled in developed countries can afford and that most can only dream of. 

So, with so many people looking for a beachfront condo for sale in Pattaya, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? 

It’s important to be able to distinguish between low-grade condos and ones that suit your budget, lifestyle, and expectations. It tends to come down to location, amenities, lifestyle, and personal preferences. But most importantly, it also relies on you working with a real estate agent you can trust. With numerous years of experience, Pearl Property Thailand is one of the most trusted real estate agents here in Pattaya

Properties to consider

A condo at Northshore will put you squarely within reach of many of Pattaya’s excellent restaurants. And given the city’s popularity with the expat community, you can find many restaurants catering to the western palette. If being close to good cafes is your thing, numerous options are available in this area. 

If yachting and golfing are more your style, then the Ocean Horizon Beachfront Condo would be right up your alley. Comfortably located towards South Pattaya, this development is tucked further away from the rowdier parts of the city in the centre but still within easy reach of them. The golf course is five kilometres from the condominium, while the marina can be seen from your apartment balcony. 

Another spectacular development is the Arom Jomtien. Situated just 50 metres from the beach, this is one of the rising stars of the Pattaya beachfront condo real estate market. Besides its proximity to the beach, this condo is close to the Walking Street nightlife scene, and the famous Jomtien Beach is just an elevator ride away. Other attractions include the Pattaya Speedway go-karting track.

The condo Del Mare sits on the southern edge of the seaside city and gives its owners an obstructed view worthy of a Bond film. Being close to several highly-rated dining establishments makes this the perfect abode for a bachelor. Being further away from the hustle and bustle of the city means it’s relatively quiet and would make the ideal vacation home for city dwellers too. 

Northpoint condominium is perhaps one of the closest properties to the city without being too close to the main thoroughfares. But being so close to the city means you have excellent access to numerous restaurants, beach bars, and clubs. The biggest selling point? The condo sits directly in front of the beach. 

beachfront bedroom view in pattaya

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