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A pool villa for sale in Pattaya offers an active lifestyle

Every family dreams of owning a luxury villa by the sea. Many families are starting to consider the idea of changing their real estate priorities to more closely match the active lifestyles they want to enjoy. Pearl Property Pattaya can show you hundreds of beautiful and spacious villas and pool villas by the sea for sale in Pattaya that can fulfill every family’s lifestyle dreams.

As the business world has become more flexible about where an employee performs their job, more families are considering a change in their real estate priorities. In the past, it was preferable for a family to invest in a larger primary home close to where their job was located and where the kids went to school. For many Thailand residents, this usually meant investing in a home in Bangkok. If they could afford a second vacation home, it was generally much smaller and simpler than their primary home in the city. It was a place to get away to for only a short time.

The rules and trends of the working world are changing. We’ve learned from the hardships imposed by the recent pandemic, that we don’t necessarily have to live close to where we work. The internet has reduced the need to commute to work, and this has meant a change in living priorities for many people.

Many people have also stayed in the noisy, crowded and increasingly polluted city because that’s where our primary home is, whether the kids are in school or not. Now they’re questioning why they stay when everyone in the family would rather be enjoying a different location and lifestyle in the sun and fresh air of the seaside.

Positive Changes in Lifestyle

More families are starting to look at the periods of time where the kids are out of school and wonder why they’re spending time in the city instead of in a more pleasant environment. Their job allows them to work online from wherever they’re located, so there’s nothing keeping them in the city.

These families are starting to entertain the idea of completely changing their real estate needs from the big primary residence in the city and the smaller, cramped vacation home to something more in keeping with their desired lifestyle. They imagine a smaller home in the city and their primary residence in a large, luxurious villa somewhere around the seaside area of Pattaya.

Enjoy the luxurious space of a villa for sale in Pattaya

Pattaya Destination

Pattaya is the ideal destination for a family who wants to keep close ties to Bangkok. The recently completed tollway provides easy access to this coastal resort from Bangkok in under two hours. There also will be a high-speed rail transportation system down the eastern coast from Bangkok in the near future. The beaches, water parks, aquarium and other attractions of Pattaya are perfect for occupying the days of kids on school vacation. The seaside resort town also has world-class shopping and inexpensive and convenient public transportation around town.

There’s also the social aspect of owning a luxurious seaside villa so close to Bangkok. A villa lifestyle means plenty of outdoor entertaining poolside. Having guests over for a weekend out of the city is the perfect way to enjoy the sunny location, space, and relaxation a villa by the seaside offers.

Some of the villas are also near the many golf courses of Pattaya. It’s the perfect excuse to head down the coast for a weekend of golf with friends and family members who also enjoy hitting the links as often as they can. With plenty of spacious rooms in your villa, there’s no need for anyone to head back to Bangkok after a single round of golf.

Out-of-town visitors will also enjoy the convenience of the recently opened U-Tapao Airport. What was once a military airport is now open for domestic and international commercial flights. The airport is just a fifteen-minute drive from central Pattaya.

Finding the Perfect Villa

Once you’ve made the family decision to change your lifestyle, the only thing left is to find the perfect villa to buy. Pattaya has many villas and pool villas for sale in all price ranges. The prices vary according to the amenities and number of bedrooms in the villa, but they also are priced according to the area they occupy.

There isn’t a particularly “bad” area of town, but certain areas are more desirable than others because of the views they offer, a particularly nice beach, or they’re conveniently close to shopping, restaurants and entertainment areas.

You should always work with an established professional real estate agency in Pattaya, like Pearl Property Pattaya. They’ll know every villa that comes on the market the second it’s listed. The nicest villas are in high demand, and working with a real estate agency provides you with an inside track on finding the best villas on the market that tick all the boxes on your wishlist. You can specify a large parking area, a pool with a lawn, or a BBQ area, and they’ll know just the villas to show you.

They can also steer you toward certain areas depending on your lifestyle. If you want a smaller, less expensive villa with a big garden, eastern Pattaya might be your answer. The lower land costs mean that the villas in this area often have expansive grounds and still manage to remain affordable.

If you have to have a panoramic ocean view and be close to the center of town, your realtor may steer you toward the Pratumnak hill area. This neighborhood is right between Pattaya and Jomtien, and it’s just a short drive to central Pattaya.

Pearl Property Pattaya has been a force in the Pattaya real estate market since 2015, and their young team of professionals have plenty of contacts in the market. If a villa comes on the market, they’ll know about it in detail and know if it’s right for one of their clients.

Changing your family’s lifestyle is a big adjustment. Pearl Property Pattaya can help you find the perfect villa that will assure you of having made the right decision. When you’re ready to take the next step in your real estate needs, contact the experienced team at Pearl Property Pattaya.

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