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Finding a house or apartment for sale in Pattaya or anywhere in Thailand can be an involved process. There are steps that must be followed and requirements that must be met. The Pattaya housing market operates differently from the one you may be used to. 

To successfully navigate your way through all the paperwork and qualifications can be complex and confusing. Pearl Property Pattaya can be by your side to help you get the best deal when you want to buy a house or apartment on the Pattaya housing market.

Properties for Foreigners

By law in Thailand, foreigners cannot simply buy any house or property they like. Their property choices are limited to condos and apartments. But with the luxurious condos and apartments available in Pattaya, this really isn’t a problem. The number of luxury 1 and 2-bedroom apartments for sale is staggering. But there are lots of other condos to look at as well. Penthouse condos, duplex condos, resort condos, studio condos and up to four-bedroom condos are all available as well. 

Most apartments and condos have facilities and amenities that offer you a luxurious and easy lifestyle. Tropical gardens with swimming pools and air-conditioned fitness rooms with the latest equipment are considered standard amenities. Some condos also have dry cleaning facilities, convenience stores and shuttle services to make residents’ lives a little easier. 

Pattaya is home to a large community of expats and foreigners. These people value their Pattaya location for the beautiful and easy lifestyle that Pattaya encourages, as well as the multiple restaurants and entertainment options the city offers. 

Relocating to Pattaya can be an invigorating and healthy lifestyle change for many expats. Being near the beach and golf courses and breathing in the clean air blowing in off the Gulf of Thailand can work wonders for your mental and physical health. 

Allow Pearl Property Pattaya to show you the type of lifestyle you can enjoy when you invest in a condo in Pattaya.    

Properties for Citizens

There are no such restrictions on the type of property Thailand’s citizens can buy in Pattaya. With a number of beachfront houses and luxury houses with swimming pools for sale in Pattaya, citizens can enjoy all the amenities that foreigners do in the privacy of their own luxury homes. 

The seaside location, modern city and pleasant lifestyle means houses for sale in Pattaya are highly sought-after. Many families dream of relocating to Pattaya to take advantage of all the location has to offer. They appreciate how close it is to Bangkok, that it has its own international airport within a 20-minute drive of the city, and the modern infrastructure and easily navigated roads.

Finding the perfect house for sale in Pattaya is the dream for lots of Thai families and there are plenty of Pattaya houses for sale to make these dreams come true.

Finding The Perfect Pattaya House or Apartment for Sale

With the number of houses for sale in Pattaya, you have a very good chance of finding the perfect home for your family when you enlist the help of the real estate agents at Pearl Property Pattaya. We have our fingers on the pulse of the real estate market in Pattaya and can show you the properties that best suit your requirements and expectations. 

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