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Discover exclusive houses and apartments for rent in Pattaya that offer everything you need to enjoy a new seaside lifestyle. Visit Pearl Property Pattaya to see all the stunning homes and apartments that await you in Pattaya. 

Finding the perfect house or apartment for rent in Pattaya is not an easy task, despite there being so many listings. The best houses and apartments are snapped up before most people have a chance to see them. Houses with backyard swimming pools and spacious apartments in the finest condos seldom stay on the market for long and may not even be seen at all. A luxury house for rent in Pattaya may get snapped up just by word of mouth by a Bangkok resident looking for a second home or a wealthy foreigner wanting to take an extended break on a beach in Thailand. Or a 2-bedroom luxury apartment for rent in Pattaya with a stunning view may be seen in the listings momentarily before being claimed by a local resident looking for a better home where they can enjoy a seaview. 

With so many houses and apartments changing hands every day, house and apartment-hunters need some extra help to negotiate the inside deals on the best properties that outsiders may be unaware of. 

Pearl Property Pattaya Can Open Doors

Pearl Property Pattaya is a real estate agency in Pattaya that has its fingers on the pulse of the Pattaya housing market and can show you properties you may not see by just looking at the listings. 

Houses and apartments are for rent in Pattaya on a first-come, first-served basis. The owners want to rent their property to the first qualified renter they can. Experienced real estate agents in Pattaya are the first people to see house and apartment listings. They can quickly assess the size, location and amenities of a particular property to find one that’s perfect for their clients. These experienced Pattaya professionals can open doors to find the perfect home for you, often before anyone else has had a chance to see it. 

Market for Apartments and Houses in Pattaya

Condos and apartments generally rent from 7,000 baht to 70,000 baht for the most exclusive multiple bedroom condos in Pattaya. If you’re looking for a villa or house, expect the price to be between 15,000 and 120,000 baht. 

There are many variables that decide the prices of both apartments and houses in Pattaya. It’s a city of neighborhoods and areas that vary in their desirability. A 2-bedroom apartment on Pratumnak Hill will be worth a good deal more than the same size apartment in central Pattaya. Pratumnak Hill is a better neighborhood and many properties there offer a view and close proximity to the sea, plus trendier restaurants and fresh air blowing in off the gulf. 

Providing Expert Help for Customers

Experienced real estate agents can look at a house or apartment in any area of Pattaya and instinctively know the relative price of the unit. These agents can also sense when a property is perfect for one of their customers. 

Working with a real estate agent in Pattaya allows you to have the inside scoop on the best properties that come onto the market every day. With the desirable location and potential lifestyle Pattaya offers, having help finding the home you’re looking for can be crucial to your future happiness.  

The next time you’re considering house or apartment hunting in Pattaya, visit Pearl Property Pattaya. Our real estate agents can make your task much easier and give you the down-low on some of the best houses and apartments in the city.

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