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DSpace Pattaya Village


Welcome to DSpace Pattaya Village, a unique housing project nestled in the bustling city of Pattaya, Chonburi. This remarkable property has a selection of five units for sale, starting from ฿ 6,199,000​.

Design and Architecture

The property is a testament to modern architecture and design. The property adopts a New Modern Minimal Iconic Design concept, using contemporary shapes to emphasize maximum space utilization. The thoughtful design connects the green outdoor spaces seamlessly with the interior of the houses. A significant feature is its hall, standing over six meters tall and offering a perfect view of the beautiful garden from any spot. With careful consideration of the wind direction and ventilation, these houses ensure a comfortable living environment while respecting the privacy of its residents​​.


Developed by A35 Estate Corporation Co., Ltd., the property offers an array of facilities. Residents can enjoy ample parking space, top-notch security, and a refreshing swimming pool. These amenities enhance the lifestyle of the residents and provide convenience right at their doorstep​​.

Property Options and Prices

DSpace Pattaya Village currently offers five houses for sale, with prices ranging from ฿9,989,999 to ฿19,900,000. The diverse pricing options cater to different budget requirements, making it an ideal choice for homebuyers in Pattaya​​.


Experience the charm of modern living at DSpace Pattaya Village. With its innovative design, essential facilities, and a variety of housing options, this property is a gem in the heart of Pattaya. Explore DSpace Pattaya Village today for a privileged and modern lifestyle.

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