An Insight Into Pattaya’s Neighborhoods

Pattaya has the reputation of offering a combination of urban and rural life in a perfectly balanced way. The calm and serene clear waters of the beaches will heal the pressures faced in your hectic city life. The city is well-planned comprising of beautiful residential properties, shopping malls, schools, universities, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, parks, and many more public entertainment spots. Find out more about Pattaya’s best neighborhoods below.

  • Geographical Location – Pattaya is located just about 150 kilometers from Bangkok between the provinces of Rayong and Chonburi. Pattaya belongs to the latter province.
  • Beautiful Beaches – The Wong Amat Beach, Pattaya Beach, and Jomtien Beach are three beautiful beaches that you can admire often in Pattaya. Every beach is unique with different views to offer. From wooden fishing boats to water sports, the beaches are truly an escapade.
  • Climate – Pattaya experiences summer in the months from March to June. The city experiences showers of rain beginning from May till the end of October. The temperatures go down from the month of November and stay cool till February.

Why Choose to Live in Pattaya?

Pattaya is a welcoming city with a variety of options for selection when it comes to selecting a place to live. There are beautiful sea-facing flats, so you wake-up with the crashing sound of the waves on the beach, condominiums located on hills where you can admire nature, or centrally located apartment or individual house if you are a city person. Most condominiums or homes are furnished and reflect Thai or Western design. You can pick a small budgeted home, or you can go for a high-end luxury home. You have unlimited choices when it comes to picking a home to live in the glorious city of Pattaya. This beautiful city in Thailand has a friendly neighborhood and is equally welcoming to expatriates just as they are to the locals. The ease of accessibility to other islands from Pattaya for weekend trips makes it a desirable city to purchase a property and settle down.

Things to Remember Before Choosing to Live in Pattaya

a-lot-of-ship-or-boat-on-the-sea-ocean-of-pattaya--MFPD2ZS (1)To have an idea about the neighborhood that you want to live in Pattaya, you must lookout for the following things before you go ahead and buy/rent a property:

  • Visit an experienced or well-known agent who quickly learns about the requirements of the clients and is able to show them properties that fit their requirements.
  • Make sure you perform extensive research about the properties offered for sale/rent in Pattaya. This will help you understand the right place to visit and look around for a place that fits your budget.
  • Pattaya is a huge city with several options to select, where to live. You must not rush into making quick decisions. It is suggested that you live in Pattaya on rent first to check how the location is. You must also consider short-term rent arrangements and not long ones. Hundreds of service homes and hotels can be used as a transitory home as you are getting acquainted with Pattaya.
  • Once you funnel down a place to live, you must also consider checking the location both during the day and the night. This will help you understand the modes of transport, safety, etc.
  • How far is the hospital or medical facility, doctor’s clinics, etc., from the property purchased?
  • Do you have owned transport or would rely on public transportation, and if you do have to take public transport, then what is its availability in the surrounding that you will live in?
  • How far is the place from where you/spouse works?
  • If you own a pet, then you must ensure that the house you purchase is compatible with pets. Most condominiums do not allow pets.
  • How far are supermarkets or places of entertainment located from the place you choose to live?
  • If you have children, then how far are the schools. How will they go – school bus or privately?


Once you have taken care of the points above, you will have an idea where in Pattaya you would like to stay. Pattaya is a mix of both rural and urban living. On one hand, you can enjoy a traditional and quiet life away from the city, and on the other, you can live in the city and enjoy a variety of modern amenities with a happening nightlife.

Pattaya is Famous for Condominiums

Condominiums are coming up fast in Pattaya. Buildings can stand up to 60 floors high. The demand for condominiums has multiplied at an incredible rate in the past few years. From skyscrapers to residential buildings, you will find them just about anywhere – in the city, a small piece of land, and along the beaches. The construction is moving to the lesser populated Na Jomtien towards the south.

Most condominiums are well-furnished will all modern appliances, and the price range differs according to the amenities and luxuries provided by the developer and the location. Places that are nearer to the coast are highly-priced. The further you drift from the city, the lesser the prices of the property. Living in a condominium includes a variety of services such as pools, playgrounds, parks, laundry, security, parking, gym, and more. Living on a higher floor beside the beach means you would be able to enjoy sunrises, sunsets, clouds, rain, and nature. Bang Saray, Na Jomtien, Naklua, and Baan Amphur are the only places where you will find condominiums built directly on the beaches. You must be able to spend leisurely to purchase/rent a home here because the prices are pretty high.

Here is an insight into the neighborhood of Pattaya that will help you make a decision as to why you must buy a property here:

Pattaya is generally divided into four areas – Central (historic center), Northern part, South part, and Eastern part. However, in every area, there are certain regions that are great for buying properties.

Northern Part of Pattaya (Wongamat/Naklua)

pattaya-chonburi-thailand-28-may-2019-beautiful-la-DWB2MRC (2)The Wong Amat area is known for its cultural appeal. The area is famous because it has a sea on its west and the north. Properties here in this part are quite expensive because builders can easily build their buildings right up to the sea. There are very few beachfront/seafront properties that remain, which explains why the prices are so high. Moreover, beaches in the northern part of Greater Pattaya are clean and marvelous. Luxurious condominiums and five-star hotels have come up along the beachside, causing the beaches to become more crowded.

However, undeniably it is a wonderful neighborhood to live in because of the convenience of availability of things. From places of entertainment to medical shops and from schools and colleges to offices, everything can be found in this part of Pattaya.

Public transport is opportunely available, and you can easily find buses from North Pattaya Bus Station. If you are someone who doesn’t have a vehicle, then look for a place to buy/rent in Naklua Road. For those staying closer to the beach must have a privately owned vehicle else, you would have to use the services of taxis or motorbike taxis.

Naklua means salt fields, and before tourism could become the main source of livelihood of the locals, salt farming is what thrived in this area. To experience a traditional Thai life or how the locals lived before modernization, you must visit Naklua Village. The further you go in, the more you leave behind, the noisier part of the city. Even the houses in the areas have a traditional Thai look, made of wood. You will find stilt houses along the canals, a fresh food market, boats returning from fishing, and temples.

Jomtien Beach Area

aerial-view-of-colorful-umbrellas-beach-and-turquoise-sea-with-space-for-text-sunny-summer-day-for_t20_0xXYekJomtien beach area was pretty famous amongst the locals; however, a huge number of ex-pats seem to love this area. The area is about 20 minutes away from the city. Presently properties in this area are cheaper compared to other places. Developers seem to have taken a liking to this area, and several construction sites can be seen around this area. Since the rate of development is quite high, it is a highly affordable place to invest in a property. There are many places for entertainment, but major shopping centers are yet to come up. There are thousands of apartments that will complete in the coming years, and you can easily purchase a property here.

The new Jomtien Second Road, which was once a quiet rural road, has become a lively road in the past couple of years. You will find people flocking to Jomtien to enjoy fine-dining and comfortable family restaurants. The Theprassit and Thapraya Roads are two of the best areas to buy/rent a property here in Jomtien especially if you don’t own a private vehicle.

If you are considering buying a property along Jomtien Beach, you must look for one in the southern part as this side is quiet and has a beautiful view. The northern part of Jomtien beach is where a lot of entertainment happens and is somewhat loud. However, people living in the southern part should have their own transport to commute as public transport is scarce during the night from Chaiyapruek Road to the southern area of Jomtien beach road.

Na Jomtien – Na Jomtien is an upcoming area with the extension of the high way, construction of a new highspeed train station from Bangkok, and a new luxury shopping mall (Icon Siam). It is situated in the south of Jomtien. Although the area was quiet and peaceful some years back, builders have developed it quickly with homes and condominiums, and hotels making it high in population. Places in Na Jomtien are cheaper than those in Jomtien.

Tourists love to come here for water sports because the beach here is exquisite. The beach of Na Jomtien is perfect for the family to spend time together making sandcastles, picking shells, swimming, fishing, and more. The area is safe, and you can enjoy the beaches during your weekend getaway.

Rayong and Map Ta Phut are the two well-known industrial areas in Pattaya, and conversing from Na Jomtien on a daily basis is very easy. However, the city is quite far away from the city, and having an owned vehicle would be a privilege.

Besides condominiums, you will find many private houses where you can enjoy living in a huge house with gardens and a large space for kids to run around and play.

Pratumnak Hill

pattaya---25610224-48-01-watermarkLocated on the south end of Pattaya, this is a quiet and greener part of Thailand. It is also referred to as the Buddha Hill because of the famous Wat Phra Yai temple famous of the Big Buddha. Its central location in the city makes it one of the most desirable locations in Pattaya. Most apartments offer a beach view and a view of the hill. There are several building plots available on the hill, which may not make the properties appreciate quickly, but then the place is magical. It lies between Pattaya City and Jomtien, giving you easy access to both neighborhoods. This also means that you stay away from the hub-bub of the city and yet have the ease to visit them easily at your convenience. Properties in this area have been developing quickly in the past few years making it one of the most sought and expensive places to buy a property. There are hundreds of buildings, including condominiums, that have come up, and several are still under construction. From coffee shops to bars, you have several choices to have a meal.

Choice of villas may be limited, but condominiums are available in plenty and range from budgeted to luxurious. Places to shop are in proximity, but if you want high-end shopping, then you would have to travel further to the city.

Bang Saray

If you would like a quiet rural life, then you must look for a property in Bang Saray. The area is about 30 minutes away from Pattaya. The place is a small village where there is no traffic, and you might need to travel to the city to buy most of your necessities. The beaches are beautiful and untouched, and you will get a glimpse of a more traditional Thai life while staying here. You must have your own vehicle if you want to commute to the city and return easily. Properties in Bang Saray are cheap, but for someone who would like to stay in a quiet environment and invest in a budgeted property, then Bang Saray is an ideal spot in Pattaya. The villages of Ang Sila, Chong Samaesan, and Bang Saray are known to have some of the most beautiful beaches in Pattaya. You will find fisherman selling fresh oysters on these beaches, along with several cottage industries that sell local handicrafts and stone miniatures.

Downtown Pattaya (Pattaya City Area)

thailand_t20_O0ZJR2This is the main city of Pattaya. This area is flooded with shopping malls, pubs, clubs, restaurants, bars, street markets, street-side stalls, and more. Literally, this part of the city never sleeps. Pattaya is famous for the tourists as there is a myriad of hotels with various budgets available here. South Pattaya Road, Pattaya Beach, and North Pattaya Road are the places that are flocked with tourists. Areas around these roads are not meant for families to stay.

However, there are many other places in Pattaya where you can stay and enjoy the city life. People come to Pattaya to shop, and some great places include Royal Garden Plaza, Terminal 21 Shopping Malls, and The Avenue, which are located on Second Road. Located near the Naklua Seafood Market are Big C, Villa Market, Foodland, Friendship, and Best.

If you are someone who doesn’t own a vehicle and are looking for an economical property to buy/rent, then you must look for properties in the area between Sukhumvit Road and Second Road.

East Pattaya Area

East Pattaya is also referred to as Outside Sukhumvit and comprises areas that are located east of the Sukhumvit Road. The Sukhumvit Road is what divides Pattaya into two parts – East and West. Some areas that you will find in the East Pattaya area include Greater East Pattaya, East Jomtien, East Naklua, Huai Chao Nok reservoir, Mabprachan Lake, Huay Yai, and more.

Compared to coastal lives that you may experience in other areas of Pattaya, living in East Pattaya is much quieter and more peaceful. Properties are constructed in closed compounds. Schools, industrial offices, etc., are located quite close. If you are someone who likes to live in a house with a private pool, a large place to flaunt your gardening skills or one where you can raise a pet without any objections, then these areas are perfect to rent/buy a home. Nature is at its best here, and it is a safe and secure place to stay.

East Pattaya has become a buzzing location for villa developments. The properties are comparatively cheap in this part of the city. There are many locations that are remotely located in this area and would require someone to own a car privately to travel to the city. This is one of the reasons why East Pattaya has very few people staying as tenants. However, the developmental rate of this region is very high, and the value of properties is maximizing too.

Hospitals, supermarkets, malls, etc., are located far from these areas. Owning a private vehicle makes it easy for you to commute from the city back to your place. The villages are quite far from the city, and the main roads are located at an apparent distance. The only places where main roads connecting to Sukhumvit Road are areas of Huay Yai Road, Soi Siam Country Club Road, Sai Koi Noi, Soi Nernplubwan, Southern Sukhumvit sois 87 and 87, and Soi Kao Thalo. The roads tend to be crowded so you must have an idea about the traffic before you come to live here.

Pattaya is a beautiful place to stay and invest in properties. Whether you have a relaxed budget or wish to go for something more economical, there are several properties that you can find to invest in. Interested? Check out some properties for sale in Pattaya on our website.

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