5 Condos with the Best Swimming Pool

If you are planning to buy a condo in an urban area, we believe that you may be asking yourself this one burning question: which condo has a better deal for buying and why?

As you must be aware of, a condominium is mostly like an amalgam of an apartment and a house so, it is the best that you can purchase and own straight away! Much smaller in size, and requiring low maintenance, a Condo is typically an affordable deal. The plus factor is that you don’t even need to think about the roof, exterior walls, or landscaping thing. A condo board or an HOA has your back for those head-scratching deeds.

Nevertheless, a condo is less expensive than any other free-standing house though it usually offers many similarities with apartment living. So, if any of your friends own one, then you might have heard from them, how much they love to live a condo life. If you are interested to buy a condo with breath-holding views and splashing swimming pools, then read about the 5 best condos that we have for you. There you go!


  1. Grand Florida


Just as its name, this place is Grand luxurious. Grand Florida Beachfront Condo Resort is a newly constructed resort condo in the lovely location of Na Jomtien, Pattaya. It was constructed in 2020 only so, it’s all new in here. This condo holds a special place in a seven-storey building with largely convenient parking around its vicinity. This large space is designed practically keeping resident’s workout routine in mind. So, you can have a morning jog or a brisk walk in the evening around the complex without the effort of hitting the gym.

Grand Florida offers a swimming pool to release your day-long stress with 24/7 security to provide you with a carefree vibe! Not only this, you’ve got a fitness gym just in case you feel like making some abs and a playground for the juniors in your family to stay calm! If you are an indoor person, then you’ve got a cosy co-working space, with a huge selection of entertainment, including Play station 4, air hockey table, ball pit basketball arcade, and more. You are the king, so they serve you snacks and drinks throughout the day in the restaurant and club lounge.

You can head to the beachfront for some of the world’s unique sunsets. Or you can enjoy lying in the sun in the themed swimming pool of this kingdom. Or you can make your way to the nightlife for incredible live music and sizzling barbeque.

This luxurious condo is yours at a starting price of 2.49 MB, offering you a condo in one of the 8 buildings with 7 floors. The Common fee for this one is ฿60 per sqm per month.


  1. Riviera Jomtien 

Riviera Jomtien is a perfect choice if you happen to enjoy champagne dine-outs or the serene lifestyle of silence. Riviera Jomtien is a luxury high-rise condominium located at the central of Jomtien Beach location.

This place caters to tastes from kiddos to adults in the most pocket-friendly way possible! Considering your financial conditions, we believe you would be amazed to celebrate the Riviera lifestyle and enjoy quality time with your family.

The Riviera Jomtien offers the buyers ultra-stylish architecture with a roof-top swimming pool, combined with a once-in-life lifestyle facility that target to create happening memories. This masterpiece comprises of a single story, tactfully designed to make you stand heads-up in the world and make a heart-throbbing statement from the skyline. You can have a direct view over the entirety of the Jomtien Beach area. The Riviera Jomtien is a symbolism of glamour, life, excitement, thrill in its feel and tradition. Out of all the residential units, there are around 275 studios, with roughly 63 two-bedroom apartments and 730 one-bedroom apartments, including four maisonettes to reside in. You can have any one of them. While about 30 percent of the radius of the property is just reserved for parking, we don’t think you would ever find parking bad.

In the luxurious communal area, you can wear your sweatpants to hit the gym and come back sweating from head to toe in one of the four splashing swimming pools for a cooling sensation.

If not in the mood to work out, then a sauna would do the thing, and not to forget, you even get a steam-room. As far as kids are concerned they too have a place to go to, like hanging out in the garden or jumping around the playground. If you are thinking to spend some quality time, you can go about 3 km south of Pattaya, which is the home to enjoy the servings at beachside hotels, beaches, and restaurants.

The Jomtien Riviera condo has 1,075 rooms with several commercial units summing up to 23. The pricing of this beautiful place includes a common fee of ฿50 per sqm per month. Affordable enough, like we said at the onset!


  1. Riviera Wongamat



Riviera Wongamat is located at Naklue Soi 16 on Wongamat Beach, which is quite easy to access via the North Pattaya Road. This beautiful site takes the privilege of some of its protected views and is well-structured to give you panoramic sea views. You would fall in love with this one for sure! With the Complimentary WiFi, you get access to entertainment with a click on a flat-screen TV and a private suite covering a balcony and /or patio.

You can make use of the hot tub, sauna, or even the indoor pool to chill out. However, if you feel the need for the sun, you can splash into an outdoor swimming pool at the property, located along with a garden. You can even go outdoors to tickle your taste buds or enjoy a soothing Spa and Massage at a walking distance of 3.4 km from the apartment. Were you thinking of Mini Siam? Well, it is 5 km from the property. You even get a property nearest to the airport; what else do you wish for!

A huge selection of facilities are offered here, including a large swimming pool for adults, a children’s pool, and a sundeck, a kids’ club, water features, fitness and games room, floating pavilions, tropical landscaping, and large open areas. So, you need to buy this!

You get this deal at an initiating common fee of ฿50 per sqm per month.


  1. Arcadia Beach Continental

Arcadia Beach Continental is a serene and convenient location perfectly positioned in between central Pattaya and Jomtien. This condo offers you five buildings with 1,350 apartments, fused with the unique style of several tropical landscapes of beautiful South Pattaya. You get breath-taking views from Terracotta landscapes to the Swiss Alps so, you can bask in an oasis of European style, set in an Asian paradise. It offers a genuine condo experience with 60% pool & recreational areas. Each apartment of this place has marble-styled interiors, with secured entry systems along with the facility of recessed atmospheric lighting. This place is convenient enough with few minutes’ drive to the street, and even the airport falls in the vicinity so, everything seems good to go!

You can freely relax and unwind in the 3,000 sqm lagoon pool lined with waterfalls, deep sunbeds and landscaped islands. If you love wanderlust, then you can dine on delectable gourmet cuisine in a sun-kissed setting at themed restaurants nearby. You get an Iberian-themed clubhouse –which is the heart of this place combined with a Jacuzzi, rooftop infinity-edge pool, a fitness centre for good health and an underground parking.

Each apartment has marble-styled interiors, with secured entry systems along with the facility of recessed atmospheric lighting.

At a common fee of ฿40 per sqm per month, you are allowed to live this dream.


  1. Seven Seas



Seven Seas falls in Na Jomtien in the beloved Chon Buri Province region close to Jomtien Beach. Just like its name, it’s a complete package of heaven. It has all the essential facilities

Including free private parking and access to a hot tub.

The accommodation is fully air-conditioned and functional with equipped kitchenette and a sound dining area. The rooms include a flat-screen TV, a balcony with pool views which are offered in every unit. You can relax here with the sauna and the terrace at Seven Seas Cote d’Azur Jomtien, featured with a garden. It is nearest to the airport, U-Tapao Rayong-Pattaya International Airport, with a 23 km distance from the accommodation.

You can pretty much do a lot of stuff here, so we wish you luck!

You can have this essential condo at a common fee of ฿40 per sqm per month. Friendly enough, isn’t it?


You can easily select the condo that you find convenient to your pocket and lifestyle. We have listed the condos by keeping you and your finance in mind. So, we believe it was helpful for you.

Now, are you interested to buy one of these fun-filled, serene yet dream fulfilling condo? If yes, then what are you waiting for, go and grab your keys!

These condos are selling out at a fast pace, you don’t want to lose your chance on it or do you?

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