February 2022

Pet Policies for Condos in The Riviera Project and the Reflection development in Pattaya, Thailand 2022

Owning a pet in Pattaya is easier than you think. What could be more comforting than enjoying the view from your luxury condo, looking out onto the pristine beach and beyond to the endless sapphire of sparkling ocean, knowing that your lifestyle with your favourite animal is fully supported and enhanced by the building you live in? Condominiums in Pattaya – especially the Riviera Wong Amat and the...

Is Buying a Condo for Rental Investment Worth It?

Condos can be amongst the most attractive opportunities for investing. They usually come at low prices and the owner doesn't have to worry much about many maintenance issues. However, some drawbacks need to be taken into consideration as well. For example, condos can have some monthly fees that usually increase significantly and unpredictably. Also, financing for condos can be difficult to obtain. This...

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